Sep 12, 2014

The Closest Friend Of Mine

The closest friend of mine

(My bro and I) 

I have two elder brothers; one of them is my closest friend in this world. We was born in the same country, went to the same school, laugh at the same jokes and we've been talking and playing with each other since young.

My bro is a soccer fan and I need to listen to him talking abt Arsene Wenger, Arsenal players like Walcott, Fabregas and etc, what is off side, when will EPL start and he did force me to play PES with him. Same to what I did to him, he also will listen to me talking abt Korean dramas and movies and I did ask him to watch Running Man with me. Haha!

Like how much love Khaulah Al-Azwar gave to her brother, Dirar Al-Azwar, me too felt the same. Yes, I am Khaulah and Dirar is my brother. I've been thinking, how many years left for us to live together as siblings before everyone will have their own family? Scared to face the reality.
I love the other eight too! Siblings hug

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