Aug 3, 2014

There's someday that I felt like..

There's someday that I felt like..

I want to give up on everything 
I am strong enough to carry on everything that I've been doing

I can beat Albert Einstein for any reason
I am the stupidest person on this earth

I am happier than Pharrel Williams 
I felt so emotional and I want to be alone all the time

I can't even do anything right, I don't wanna be such a clumsy person
I am a perfectionist in some aspects

I want to lay on the bed for 24/7 and watching drama
I want to do the chores, get my assignments done and read lots of book

I want to run away from this busy schedule as a student
Well, then I thought I should be grateful, thankful and enjoying my life as a student

At this moment, I am so down and I asked my friends for help. They gave me motivation to keep on going in my study and life, don't try to give up! Insya-Allah, I will. 

I had a thought about something. The Commonwealth Games is happening right now in Glasgow. One of my favourite sport is badminton and of course I watch the game, supporting the Malaysian team! I realized that we're not always leading all the time. There's a moment when we lose but there's also a moment when the opponent is leading by five points for example but then our team smashed lots of time, defended themselves and play so hard until they beat the opponent and finally.. they won! They got it! They'll never give up. They play the game really well, physically and mentally and that's really inspired me :-)

Malaysia Boleh! Why can't I?

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