May 30, 2016

10 Random Facts About Me

1. All my folders are named uniquely :)

2. Buku latihan pernah kena campak luar kelas dengan cikgu sebab tampal gambar tak ikut seperti arahan cikgu beri. Berlaku waktu darjah 2. I am scared of that teacher since then.

3. My fav colour is always changing. But, everytime someone ask what is my fav colour, I'll say purple. (Because I am so lazy to think).

4. I have more than one Twitter's account. I've deleted two accs 😀

5. Currently, I read 'The Life of An Introvert' on Wattpad. It's non-fic btw.

6. I am Malaysian but I never been to Perlis, Penang, Kelantan, Sabah and Sarawak.

7. Sambal iz bae gais. I repeat, sambal is bae!

8. I enjoy watching reality shows such as WIN, Mix & Match, No.Mercy, SIXTEEN, Show Me The Money, Unpretty Rapstar, Seventeen Project and etc. It's all Korean. I know. I'm sorry hehe.

9. Idk why but my fav mall is Midvalley. I love to spend times there. Idk if its still valid or not, but I've read that Midvalley is in top 10 biggest mall in the world.  

10. I hate open burning. U can google the effects of open burning and u'll know why.

Well, I just randomly did this bcs I miss to write here.. I hope I have more time to write more next time! 

(p/s: I love to take pics of beautiful scenery too :D)

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