Aug 5, 2011

This is soo sweet. Love it.

Dear Dreamers ,

OMG I rasa terharu sekejap . I already finish watching We Got Married YongSeo / Goguma couple . Semuanya ada 51 episodes , dari first time they meet untill diorang terpaksa end their 'marriage' . Err or lebih tepat fake marriage because this one only for variety show We Got Married .

Well , We Got Married yang satukan diorang and disebabkan show ni jugak diorang know each other and meeting each other also got new friend(s) from SNSD members and CNBLUE members . So , this is . . 

Yong Hwa CNBLUE and Seo Hyun SNSD

 I just love this couple a lot! Well, let pictures tell everything okayy ?

Okay mata sila lihat baju SeoHyun . Dah ? hehe . Actually , that uniform is a suprise gift from Yong Hwa . Diorang saje je nak pakai uniform sekolah balik just to bring back their school memories :)

Alolololo , hahaaaa . Okay time ni masa Yong Hwa bawa SeoHyun pergi Busan ( YongHwa's hometown ) untuk meet his mother . * sorry omma Yong Hwa tak interframe dalam picture but she still pretty ( yeppuda ) :D

Okayy this scene terharu sikit :') hehe . SeoHyun buat suprise act yang dia still cannot play the guitar . But tiba-tiba she ask Yong Hwa wheres the guitar ? and she start singing their song " Banmal Song " sambil play the guitar . And she change the lyrics abit and became like this ;

The first day that we met,
I still remember that awkward meeting
What words should I say, how should I reply
I really worried a lot…
But a day passed, then a month, and now a year
I won’t be able to forget those precious memories
and I have a final thing I want to say
We will be able to speak banmal,
even though it’s a bit awkward and unnatural
Instead of saying ‘thank you’,
should I say it a bit more casually?
We will be able to speak banmal, as I slowly draw closer
Now I will look into your two eyes and say it
I love you~

In the train going to Japan , play the guitar together , singing on one stage together , go play and try ski , read the mission card together , Hyun kiss Yong Hwa in their photoshoot wedding :)

And this is some of their wedding pictures ,

Yong Hwa && Seo Hyun <3

 I print screen all these masa Im watching the last episode . .

I am touched :')

If you feel like wanna watch it you can click HERE

p/s : dari awal I wrote this post sampai akhir I keep replay-ing Banmal Song :)


.: iEyLa :. said...

sedih gile tgk last episode diorng..
yg lg surprise bile seohyun main gitar..xsangka plak..

psssttt: da download pon lagu banmal tu...suke2..hehe

Lulu Rahman said...

walaweyh , teringin nak tengok jugak >.< nak cari la nt :)

k Lee :) said...

iEyLa yesss ! sedih kann ? rasa macam nak nangis pun adaa . hehe . seohyun daebak ! :D

psssttt : gooooooooooood ! I also baru download :D

k Lee :) said...

@Lulu Rahman yepp ! tak rugi tengok ! serious :D jom la tengok :D

HaFizaH aYu said...

tetiba2 tringin nak tgk..

k Lee :) said...

@HaFizaH aYu yaa , lagipun ada 51 episodes je . hehehe . bess , tengok laaa okay ! :D

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